Mini Pause #23: Meals, Muscle, Mindset & (Peri)Menopause

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This weekend, I’m speaking on two stages at Europe’s Health Optimisation Summit about Cycle Syncing and Menopause. So instead of my usual article, I’m giving you a bevy of resources to dive into.

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In addition to speaking engagements, I’m invited to share my expertise with other podcast audiences. I love being able to do this and reach even more women! Here are a few of the conversations I’ve had recently about women’s health.

Biohacking Bestie with Aggie Lal: Cycle Syncing for Weight Loss, Boosting Your Metabolism, and the Dangers of Calorie Restriction (What Every Woman Should Know) Listen

Ancient Health Podcast by Dr. Josh Axe (hosted by Courtney Bursich): Empower Your Hormones: Dr. Estima’s Guide to Female Health Listen

Passion Struck with John R. Miles: Deciphering the Language of Symptoms Listen

The Optimal Body with Dr. Jen Fraboni & Dr. Dom Fraboni: Improve Your Metabolism; Body Composition; and Pain During Menopause and Beyond Listen

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What I Recommend

Estrogen, a key hormone that declines during menopause, significantly impacts the nervous system. This decline can lead to heightened stress responses and disrupted sleep patterns. It’s not just about feeling stressed or tired; these changes can exacerbate other menopausal symptoms like weight gain and brain fog.

One of my favorite products that helps to regulate the nervous system is the Apollo wearable, especially because it was created by neuroscientists and physicians.

You can read about how the Apollo delivers gentle, soothing vibrations that help the body switch from “fight or flight” to a more “rest and digest” parasympathetic state in this article.

If you choose to invest in an Apollo wearable to help manage your nervous system, click HERE. A DRSTEPHANIE 15% discount will be automatically applied at checkout for you.