episode #252

Why Women Should Lift Weights with Sal Di Stefano


This week, Dr. Stephanie interviews Sal Di Stefano, personal trainer, and co-founder of Mind Pump Media, about all things resistance training for women. They talk about the common myths about fitness, the benefits of strength training, how to maintain your muscle, and how your hormones can affect your progress. They discuss the importance of strength training as you age and how your beliefs and behaviors can help improve your results. You’ll learn how strength training can support your mental health, increase your resistance to stress, improve your ability to care for yourself and make you feel empowered. Finally, they discuss the benefits of weight training for children and the myths that surround it.

Episode Overview:

    • 0:30 Introduction
    • 4:00 Welcoming Sal Di Stephano
    • 4:45 Sal’s Coaching History
    • 11:00 The Psychology of Fitness and Nutrition
    • 18:00 Why Your Perception Matters
    • 28:50 Calories are the Least Important Metric of Exercise
    • 36:20 Why Women are Targeted by the Fitness Industry
    • 40:45 How Your Hormones Help You Build Muscle
    • 50:00 The Mental Health Benefits of Strength Training
    • 1:00:30 Strength Training is the Key to Aging
    • 1:05:30 How to Reframe Your Performance Metrics
    • 1:16:00 The Importance of Nutrition in Strength Training
    • 1:29:00 Benefits of Strength Training for Kids
    • 1:33:30 Conclusion

Sal Di Stefanano’s book: The Resistance Training Revolution – theresistancetrainingrevolution.com/

Mind Pump Website

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