Vulnerability & Self-Censorship: An Honest Conversation with Africa Brooke


In this episode, globally recognized consultant, mentor, speaker, and writer Africa Brooke joins Dr. Stephanie to discuss why she wrote her letter “Why I’m Leaving The Cult of Wokeness,” the importance of vulnerability and honest conversations, and self-censorship. This is a deep episode full of many honest thoughts that will leave you questioning your own values and beliefs.


Africa’s Letter “Why I’m Leaving the Cult of Wokeness”

Africa changed her mind about Jordan Peterson


0:00 – Intro

6:18 – (Interview Begins) Why Africa wrote her letter “Why I’m Leaving The Cult of Wokeness”

15:15 – How vulnerability impacts your life

19:47 – Finding peace & freedom through being honest and vulnerable

21:39 – Stephanie’s honest experience & thoughts during the “Covid Years”

31:49 – Open conversations that we need to be having about ideology

35:12 – What is self-censorship & why does it happen

41:14 – How anger drives fear

42:29 – How Covid restrictions impact children’s growth

44:53 – Why self-censored people get angry when you ask questions

48:46 – Does speaking honestly makes you “un-controllable”?

55:08 – Ideologies change quickly without questioning

56:40 – It’s dangerous to be out of touch with your capacity for evil

1:07:01 – How Africa changed her mind about Jordan Peterson

1:10:19 – Dr. Stephanie’s thoughts on Jordan Peterson

1:14:18 – Don’t judge, just observe your reactions to others

1:16:08 – Cultivate resilience, get curious & ask more questions

1:17:54 – Understanding does not mean acceptance

1:19:27 – Lowering your expectations but keep your standards high

1:27:05 – Whether you accept it or not, others will always have different opinions

1:32:49 – Outro


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