episode #213

The Physiology of Breathwork



Breathwork is the secret weapon you have on you at all times that you’re most probably not even aware of. Dr. Stephanie explains all things breathwork including what it is and how to do it, offering specific examples. She dives into box, diaphragmatic, and alternative nasal breathing. You’ll discover the proven benefits of breathwork and its role in alkalizing your blood. Dr. Stephanie will explain the fascinating Bohr Effect and what breathwork can do for your muscle tone. Finally, she’ll explore the relationship between breathwork and epinephrine, as well as your immune system.

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Episode Overview:

  • 6:37 Introduction
  • 10:00 Examples Of Breathwork
  • 10:55 Box Breathing
  • 11:55 Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • 13:46 Alternative Nasal Breathing
  • 15:36 Benefits Of Breathwork
  • 17:15 Alkalizing Blood & Respiratory Alkalosis
  • 18:29 The Bohr Effect
  • 20:48 Muscle Tone
  • 23:10 Epinephrine & Immune System
  • 24:00 Conclusion

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