The Perfection Trap with Thomas Curran


Calling all relentless go-getters, ambitious overachievers, and self-proclaimed perfectionists! If you’ve ever found yourself striving for the unattainable, scrutinizing every detail, and battling your inner critic, then this episode is your compass to navigate the tumultuous seas of perfectionism.

In this episode, Dr. Stephanie sits down with Dr. Thomas Curran, a distinguished psychology professor at the London School of Economics and the mastermind behind a trailblazing study heralded by the BBC as the first to unravel perfectionism across generations. Brace yourself for an enlightening conversation as Dr. Curran, the author of “The Perfection Trap,” imparts his profound insights to liberate you from the shackles of your own expectations.

Dr. Curran’s words have reached millions through his TED talk, igniting a global conversation about the perilous pursuit of perfection. His groundbreaking research has been showcased in prestigious outlets such as Harvard Business Review, New Scientist, and CNN.

Get ready to dive deep into the psyche of perfectionism with Dr. Stephanie, your host and a fellow perfectionist. Together, they peel back the layers of this cultural phenomenon and examine its genetic roots. From dissecting the corrosive effects of perfectionism in the age of social media to delving into the detrimental mindset of deficit thinking, every facet of perfectionism is scrutinized.

But this episode doesn’t stop at uncovering the perils of perfectionism; it’s a beacon of hope. Discover actionable strategies to dismantle the perfection trap and embrace your authentic self. Learn how to nurture self-compassion and find solace in imperfection, all while maintaining your ambitious drive.

While this podcast typically traverses the realms of hormones, body composition, exercise, and nutrition, this episode stretches its boundaries to address the fundamental factor that shapes all these pursuits: your relationship with yourself. If you’ve ever been your harshest critic, if you’ve ever felt hindered by the weight of your own expectations, then this episode offers a lifeline to break free and live a more fully human experience.



The Perfection Trap: Embracing the Power of Good Enough

TedTalk: Our dangerous obsession with perfectionism is getting worse

Easterlin Paradox


0:00:41 The Culture of Perfectionism and its Impact
0:08:16 The Susceptibility and Heritability of Perfectionism
0:11:01 Society’s celebration of work ethic and perfectionistic ideals
0:13:43 The root of society’s desire for perfection and the impact on individuals
0:19:08 Formation of Perfectionism in Adolescence
0:22:29 Perfectionism and Fear of Failure
0:28:34 Embracing Being Average in a World of Excessive Achievement
0:32:12 The Eastland Paradox and the Relativity of Happiness
0:36:02 The Link Between Economic Growth and Standard of Living
0:39:18 Alternative Metrics for Success: Happiness and Well-being
0:43:52 Embracing Death: A Cultural Perspective on Happiness
0:44:30 Embracing the Light and Shadow Sides of Ourselves
0:48:02 Challenging Perfectionism and Showing Vulnerability
0:50:35 Acceptance of Self and the Imperfect World
0:53:35 The Lie of Perfectionism
0:58:31 Moderation in Growth Mindset for a Balanced Life


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