The Carnivore Diet with Dr. Paul Saladino


The Carnivore Diet with Dr. Paul Saladino

Dr. Stephanie interviews Dr. Paul Saladino, the leading authority on the carnivore diet and best-selling author of The Carnivore Code. He reveals his first experience with the carnivore way and explains the little-known truth behind plant defense mechanisms and the problem with seeds. They’ll dive into how the ketogenic diet for men and women isn’t the same and reveal the key differences. Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Saladino will reveal the importance of lectins and uncover the effects of autoimmunity and gut dysbiosis. They’ll trace our dietary evolution beginning with our hunter ancestors to the modern-day. You’ll get proven strategies to offset plant toxins in cooking and get an honest opinion regarding the meteoric rise of the “plant-based agenda.” You’ll discover the connection between seed oils and Linoleic acid which may be blocking your weight loss efforts. Tune in to find out why stearic acid has is crucial for your diet and how to not be in the 90% of people who are deficient. You’ll hear why organ meats are insanely good for you, whether you should cook or eat your meals raw, and discover the curious relationship between the virus, carnivore, and detoxification.


Episode Overview:  

  • 1:35 Introduction
  • 4:55 Welcoming Paul
  • 12:30 His First Experience With Carnivore
  • 15:40 Plant Defense Mechanisms & Problem With Seeds
  • 19:39 How Ketogenic Diet Different For Men and Women
  • 24:22 Lectins
  • 29:51 Auto-Immunity & Gut Dysbiosis
  • 34:51 Our Ancestors Were Hunters
  • 38:20  Strategies To Offset Plant Toxins In Cooking
  • 41:24 Why The Rise Of Plant-Based Agenda
  • 48:54 Seed Oils & Linoleic Acid
  • 1:01:44 Stearic Acid
  • 1:08:53 Why Eat Organ Meats?
  • 1:18:15 Cooking vs Raw
  • 1:20:09 Covid-19, Carnivore & Detoxification
  • 1:25:24 How To Connect with Paul

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