episode #371

Stem Cell Benefits for Hormones, Autoimmunity & Anti-Aging with Dr. Adeel Khan


Dr. Adeel Khan is at the forefront of the transformative field of regenerative medicine and innovative therapies. In this episode, Dr. Khan’s insights shed light on how stem cell therapies and gene editing technologies could revolutionize the treatment of various conditions, from aging and autoimmunity to cancer and skin health.

“None of them are offering real stem cells. They’re offering what are called committed progenitor cells. Unless you isolate the actual mesenchymal stem cell and culture expand it, it’s not a true stem cell.” – Dr. Adeel Khan

Dr. Adeel Khan and Dr. Stephanie delve into a comprehensive discussion on the nature and future of regenerative medicine. Dr. Khan shares his expertise and experiences, providing a rich tapestry of insights into stem cell treatments’ versatile applications and ethical considerations.

Episode Overview:

0:00 Intro: Stem Cell Therapy 101
5:38 Types of Stem Cells and Their Potential
8:43 Challenges in Clinical Application of Stem Cells
19:50 Mitochondrial Transfer and Stem Cell Therapy
22:52 Stem Cell Therapy for Ovarian Function
24:22 Anti-Aging
28:33 Muscle Preservation
32:27 Sarcopenia
36:41 Advancements in Medical Products
39:08 Rewiring the Immune System
42:45 Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment
47:36 Aging Gracefully: Skin and Hair Care
51:19 The Role of Exosomes
55:01 A New Frontier in Cancer Therapy
1:00:52 Enhancing Skin Health: The Natural Way
1:04:38 Stem Cells and Osteoporosis: A Promising Solution
1:05:58 The Power of Exosomes in Regenerative Medicine
1:07:38 Stem Cell Therapy Ethically

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Eterna Health

John Abramson: Big Pharma | Lex Fridman Podcast #263

Mesenchymal stem cell-mediated transfer of mitochondria: mechanisms and functional impact

Klotho, Aging, and the Failing Kidney

The Cell Suppression Theory: A New Perspective on Cancer


Adeel Khan, M.D., is a Canadian Board Certified Physician who is the founder of Eterna Health Clinics. He brings global recognition from other healthcare professionals, elite athletes, and patients from all walks of life. Dr. Khan is recognized as one of the pioneers in interventional orthobiologics and is highly respected for his contributions to clinical translation. Dr. Khan is recognized as one of the leaders in the clinical application of cell and gene therapies for anti-aging and chronic diseases.

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