episode #372

Skin Health & Sex Hormones in Perimenopause with Dr. Amy B Killen


Dive deep into the intricate world of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with the esteemed Dr. Amy Killen, a pioneer in longevity and regenerative medicine. Join Amy as she explores the nuances of HRT, including the roles of progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone in women’s health.

“Women need to be their own advocates in healthcare settings, especially when it comes to hormone replacement therapy.” Dr. Amy B Killen

Dr. Killen shares her expertise on the optimal ages and dosages for HRT, as well as its impact on sexual health, cardiovascular health, and mental well-being. We also delve into cutting-edge skin rejuvenation therapies, from stem cell treatments to Botox and fillers, and Dr. Killen’s personal supplementation stack for maintaining youthful vitality. This episode is packed with actionable insights and expert advice to help you optimize your health and longevity.

Episode Overview:

0:00 Intro/Teaser
4:02 What is Perimenopause?
7:53 Hormonal Changes in Perimenopause
11:20 Navigating the Moving Target of Perimenopause
21:48 Estrogen’s Crucial Role in Sexual Health
25:08 Understanding Testosterone in Women
27:31 Dosing and Treatment Options for Women
34:10 Debunking Myths About Estrogen and Breast Cancer
38:41 When to Stop Hormone Replacement Therapy
41:41 Sexual Health and Longevity
47:39 Mechanism of Nitric Oxide in Sexual Health
1:00:25 Impact of Botox on the Beauty Industry
1:04:44 Skin Health and Peptides
1:07:08 Concerns and Misconceptions About Botox
1:08:38 Dr. Amy’s Own Skin Care Procedures
1:13:50 Where to find Dr. Amy Killen

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Websites: dramykillen.com, hopbox.life, and reputable.health

JoyLux Gold Plus red light therapy

Testosterone therapy in women: myths and misconceptions

Estrogen Matters book – estrogenmatters.com

Previous episode: HRT, Bioidenticals & Menopause: Benefits & Risks

Equip food collagen – equipfoods.com/better and use the code BETTER for 20% off.


Amy B. Killen is a leading longevity and regenerative physician, founder, and speaker.  She and her partner, Dr Adelson, pioneered the Full Body Stem Cell Makeover. Dr Killen is the founder and CEO of the Human Optimization Project (HOP), a longevity-focused nutritional supplement company.  She co-founded Humanaut Health, a longevity clinic franchise, and Nof1+, a health tech data aggregator empowering insights through experimentation.

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