episode #358

Reverse Skin Aging: Science of Skincare with Carolina Oliveira Ph.D.


Carolina Reis Oliveira’s journey is as impressive as her expertise in skin care. In this episode, she dives deep into the science of skin aging. Along with Dr. Stephanie, she explores and explains both intrinsic and extrinsic factors, from cellular processes to environmental exposures. Carolina also shares insights into inflammation, peptide therapy, and the transformative potential of innovative compounds like OS-01.

“When we can achieve what we call escape velocity, when we can repair damage at the same speed or rate that we are accumulating damage, at that point we will be able to really halt the aging process and maintain our bodies at a certain biological age.” – Carolina Reis Oliveira

Drawing from her team’s research, Carolina discusses tangible results in reducing skin aging, offering hope for conditions like hyperpigmentation and rosacea. We explore strategies to stay ahead of the aging curve, aiming for what Carolina calls “escape velocity”—a state where we not only halt aging but reverse its effects.

If you’re curious about the latest advancements in skincare, eager to understand the mechanisms of aging, or simply looking to defy time gracefully, this episode is a must-listen. Uncover the keys to maintaining youthful, radiant skin and discover the future of skincare with Carolina Oliveira.

Episode Overview:

0:00 Intro/Teaser
1:29 Interview with Carolina Oliveira
3:10 Skin Aging Mechanisms and Peptide Therapy
4:28 Intrinsic Mechanisms of Skin Aging
8:21 Intrinsic Aging Factors and Genetics
10:15 Cellular Senescence and Aging
13:11 Autophagy and Aging
14:37 Xenomorphic vs. Senolytic Compounds
16:18 Discovery of OS-01 Peptide
19:12 Safety and Validation of OS-01 Peptide
20:53 Human Clinical Studies on OS-01 Peptide
25:00 Effects of OS1 on Skin Health
29:31 Specific Formulations for Eye Cream
31:01 Tailored Skincare for Different Areas of Body
36:39 The Science of Hyperpigmentation and Skincare
40:14 Combining Acids, Peptides, and Skincare
44:15 Consumer Awareness and Integrity in Skincare
47:57 The Importance of Antioxidants in Skincare
51:52 The Future of Skincare: Lip Treatments
53:43 Innovations in Sunscreen Technology
56:53 Prioritizing Skin Health Over Immediate Results
59:26 Maintaining Integrity in the Skincare Industry


Carolina Oliveira, CEO and co-founder of OneSkin. Holds a Ph.D. in stem cell biology and tissue engineering, is a co-inventor of 5 patents and co-author of numerous scientific publications. She relocated from Brazil to Silicon Valley in 2016 to found OneSkin, a fast-growing longevity company developing products to promote skin age reversal by targeting a central driver of aging, the accumulation of senescent cells. Carolina and her team are disrupting the outdated anti-aging skincare industry with their groundbreaking research around skin and longevity.

Resources mentioned:

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About Carolina Reis Oliveira, Ph.D.

The science: oneskin.co/pages/science and oneskin.co/pages/publications

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