episode #369

Relationship Therapy: Do You Struggle with Female Friends? with Danielle Bayard Jackson


Why do some women find it so challenging to build deep, meaningful friendships with other women? From stereotypically male interests to past friendship traumas, and even the discomfort with emotional expression, Danielle Bayard Jackson sheds light on the barriers women face in forging intimate connections.

“The number one thing women look for in their same-sex friendships is emotional support. Meaning if I don’t get anything else from being friends with you, this is the least you could do.” – Danielle Bayard Jackson

In this episode, Danielle explores how envy and competition can disrupt the egalitarian nature of female friendships. She also discusses the importance of secrecy, mutual prioritization, and reciprocity in fostering trust and closeness among friends. With practical tips and insights, Danielle guides us on building stronger, more fulfilling friendships.

Episode Overview:

0:00 Intro/Teaser
2:41 Female Friendship Dynamics
7:21 Symmetry in Female Friendships
12:48 The Dynamics of Female Friendship
21:15 Expectations and Support in Friendships
25:03 Navigating Emotional Support and Solidarity
38:18 Navigating Healthy Conflict and Anger
47:20 Sophisticated Stealth in Relational Aggression
53:38 Navigating Envy and Jealousy in Friendships
1:02:03 Building Better Female Friendships

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Danielle’s previous appearance on Better!

Danielle’s new book: Fighting For Our Friendships

How to Navigate Female Friendships

Fighting For Our Friendships

Jennifer Kolari – Teenage Parenting For The Modern Parent


Danielle Bayard Jackson is a former high school teacher turned friendship coach who speaks nationally on the subject of female friendship. Her work and insight has been featured in such outlets as NBC News, Psychology Today, NPR and The New York Times, and she worked closely with Bumble as their resident friendship expert. Before she began coaching women across the country, Danielle worked as a high school teacher and spent time as an academic department chair in the eighth largest county in the United States. She now uses her education background to deliver practical, research-based strategies for women who are looking for ways to create and maintain healthy female friendships. Her ability to speak to women in various life stages has contributed to the growing popularity of her business, Friend Forward and podcast of the same name.

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