Mental Grit and Resilience in Troubling Times with Dr. Gillian Mandich, Giovanni Marsico, Sonia Zarbatany


Mental Grit and Resilience in Troubling Times with Dr. Gillian Mandich, Giovanni Marsico, Sonia Zarbatany

It can be hard to stay positive when things are tough. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this special episode, Dr. Stephanie appears on The Gifted Show alongside host Giovanni Marsico, coach Sonia Zarbatany, and happiness researcher Dr. Gillian Mandich as they discuss how to be happier and more resilient during difficult times. They discuss how we have the power to change the way we can look at external stressors and some of the ways we can cultivate cellular grit and resilience. You’ll learn how repressing emotions can activate pleasure centers in the brain and how connecting with our emotions is vital in the pursuit of happiness. We talked about how to reverse engineer how to be happy now through the presence and instead of waiting in till you reach a milestone, and how the power of habits is the foundation of excellence.

Episode Overview:  

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 5:15 Welcome To The Gifted Show
  • 9:39 What Is A 10/10 Life?
  • 11:50 Defining Happiness
  • 15:46 Why We Get Stuck In Negative Cycles
  • 20:45 Why Are We Holding Back On Life?
  • 26:11 How Your Mind Expands Beyond Your Head
  • 30:00 The Importance Of Resilience
  • 33:50 The Power Of Habit
  • 38:13 Why You Need To Lean Into Fear
  • 41:40 Anxiety Vs. Excitement And Its Relation To Fear
  • 45:20 The Frontal Lobe And The Brain
  • 53:20 Awareness And Empathy
  • 58:30 Confidence Is A Skill That Is Learned
  • 1:05:00 Social Media And Community
  • 1:10:00 The Power Of Taking Responsibility
  • 1:16:58 Responsibility And Autonomy
  • 1:21:04 Success Takes Sacrifice
  • 1:23:45 How To Take Direction Towards Your Dreams

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