Keto Diet for Bodybuilding: The Ultimate Guide with Robert Sikes


Keto Diet for Bodybuilding: The Ultimate Guide with Robert Sikes

In today’s episode we welcome Robert Sikes aka the Keto Savage to the Better show. Robert is a self-made fitness professional and entrepreneur, bringing the success of the Keto Diet along with him. We deep dive into the different stages of body building while on keto, including the muscle building and cutting phase pre-show. Robert lets us into his past, divulging his disordered eating and hormone imbalances which led him to the Ketogenic Diet. We talk about the common mistakes he sees in nutrition and macros pertaining to competing, the importance of the Reverse Diet & a Calorie Runway as well as how he likes to train and fuel himself for an upcoming show. We touch on his recent introduction to fatherhood, and his wife’s labour recovery & reintroduction to weight training post pregnancy. Robert has become an expert in this field and has filled some gaps with his product line including the Keto Brick, his new book and his coaching. Lots of insight in this episode and we will be excited to have him on again in the future.

Episode Overview: 

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:30 Discovering Keto & Relationship with Food
  • 5:00 The Impact of BodyBuilding Competitions
  • 8:30 “The Build” Phase Importance & What Happens to Your Body
  • 15:30 Focusing on Performance rather than LBS
  • 18:20 Caloric Runway
  • 23:00 The Reverse Diet
  • 28:00 Building Muscle on a Ketogenic Diet
  • 35:00 Using Exogenous Ketone Supplements
  • 39:00 Fasted vs Fed Workouts
  • 44:00 Becoming a Parent
  • 51:00 Robert’s Keto Brick Product
  • 53:00 Coaching & New Ways to Body Build
  • 55:00 Conclusion

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Book – Ketogenic Bodybuilding: A Natural Athlete’s Guide to Competitive Savagery

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