Keto, Cholesterol, & Heart Disease with Dr. Bret Scher


Keto, Cholesterol, & Heart Disease with Dr. Bret Scher

The Better show welcomes Dr. Bret Scher this week, he is an accomplished cardiologist and medical director of The Diet Doctor along with hosting the Diet Doctor Podcast. He is a practising clinician in several states, and came on our show to get nerdy with us. We discuss the traditional allopathic care model around Lipides, and how doctors may not be up to speed on the latest literature and research coming out on certain topics. This opened the door to a deep dive on cholesterol, the LDL science, labs and panels. We talk about the Ketogenic diet and how it may have a positive effect on lipids and what happens when we begin a keto diet. We touch on the thyroid and how women might be more sensitive while on the Keto Diet. Dr Scher weighs in on intermittent fasting before we finish off the podcast to tell you what the best diet truly is.

Episode Overview: 

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 6:30 “Evidence Based” Medicine
  • 8:30 Metabolic Health
  • 13:00 Total Cholesterol
  • 18:30 LDL Function & Pattern A/B
  • 32:20 Markers for Metabolic Health
  • 34:30 Keto’s Impact on Lab Panels
  • 42:30 Long term Differences between the Sexes on Keto
  • 46:30 Thyroid Sensitivity on Keto as a Woman
  • 49:10 Insulin Resistance for long term Keto dieters
  • 57:00 Intermittent Fasting
  • 1:03:00 Conclusion

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