Hydration vs. Irrigation: Minerals, Glyphosate & Detoxification with Caroline Alan


In this episode, Dr. Stephanie has a conversation with Caroline Alan, co-founder and CEO of Beam Minerals, about the importance of minerals for overall wellness. They delve into topics such as soil depletion, genetically modified organisms, and glyphosate, and explore how minerals can improve digestion, cognitive health, detoxification, and skin health.

Caroline came from a career in the corporate world and found herself struggling physically, mentally, and energetically. As a woman juggling career, motherhood, and the multitude of expectations placed on a professional woman, she was repeatedly told that her issues were “just normal.” She refused to accept that answer.

During her journey back to health, Caroline encountered plant-based minerals and their incredible ability to support a return to natural balance in the body. As a result, she has become devoted to educating people about the benefits of mineral replenishment and the specific efficacy of plant-based humic and fulvic substances.

In this episode, Dr. Stephanie and Caroline discuss the importance of minerals for overall wellness. Caroline explores topics such as soil depletion, glyphosate, and how minerals improve digestion, cognitive health, detoxification, and skin health. She also digs into the role of macrominerals in nerve function and highlights the detoxification capabilities of plant-based minerals. Caroline also discusses the bioavailability of these minerals and recommends using naturally-formulated supplements. Lastly, Caroline introduces and explains Beam Minerals’ products for daily mineral replenishment.


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The Hidden Hunger: Micronutrient Deficiencies

Probable carcinogenicity of glyphosate

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0:00:01 The Presence of Environmental Toxins Throughout History
0:00:42 Introduction to Caroline Alan and BEAM Minerals
0:03:50 Understanding the Importance of Minerals
0:10:07 Mitochondria: The Powerhouses of Your Cells
0:20:16 Overhydration and the Lack of Minerals in Bottled Water
0:24:55 Glyphosate: A Probable Carcinogen and Systemic Disruptor
0:28:13 Glyphosate’s Effects on Brain Function and Heavy Metal Absorption
0:34:49 Introduction to humic-based plant minerals and detoxification
0:45:48 The Power of Humic: Binding to Glyphosate and Detoxification
0:50:20 Timeline for Feeling Changes from Detoxifying Heavy Metals
0:53:38 Understanding Bioavailability and Mineral Absorption
1:00:00 Transdermal Absorption: Skipping Digestion for Quick Assimilation
1:04:29 Pre-game and Gym Application for Optimal Performance and Recovery
1:08:10 Introducing Electrolyze and MicroBoost – The Advanced Set
1:12:01 MicroBoost: The Key to Detoxification and Rejuvenation
1:16:28 Legal and Medical Disclaimer: General Information Only

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