HRT, Bioidenticals & Menopause: Benefits & Risks


This episode provides a comprehensive exploration of hormone replacement therapy for women during perimenopause and menopause. Dr. Stephanie Estima addresses the historical mistreatment of women in medicine, dispels myths surrounding HRT, and emphasizes the importance of individualized care and patient advocacy.

Take a wild and science-heavy ride through the world of hormone replacement therapy for women during their perimenopausal and menopausal years. Join Dr. Stephanie as she navigates the hormone maze and deciphers the difference between HRT and BHRT, all while exploring the somewhat baffling history of medical misconceptions that have left us wondering if HRT might just stand for “Hilariously Risky Treatment.”

Whether you’re craving the full “dark roast” of scientific details or just want a “TLDR” hormone summary, we’ve got you covered in this episode!


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0:00:00 Skepticism around hormone replacement therapy and mistreatment of women
0:05:08 Introduction to Menopause and Definition
0:07:55 Estrogen Plummets in Menopause, Symptoms and Effects
0:10:03 FSH Levels: Normal vs. Tighter Range
0:13:50 Optimal Range for Free T4 and Free T3 in Menopause
0:16:53 Estrogen and Cardiovascular Protection
0:19:31 The Benefits and Misconceptions of Estrogen
0:27:27 High Risk: Cardiovascular Disease vs Breast Cancer
0:29:12 Estrogen and Breast Cancer: A Common Misconception
0:29:36 Estrogen Environment and Breast Cancer Risk in Older Women
0:34:15 WHI Study: Nutritional and Hormone Replacement Arms
0:38:20 The Controversial Study and Rushed Press Release
0:41:31 Understanding Bioidentical Hormones
0:48:38 Calcium, Vitamin D, and Estrogen in Osteoporosis Treatment
0:52:02 The Benefits of HRT for Bone Health
1:02:10 Legal and medical disclaimer: Take this information with caution

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