episode #365

Graceful, Effortless Posture: How To Resist Gravity with Annette Verpillot


Joining Dr. Stephanie is the incredible Annette Verpillot for a journey through light roast discussions, where they explore the broad strokes of posture’s influence, followed by medium roast insights, delving deeper into the mechanics and intricacies. In the dark roast segment, they dive headfirst into the nerdy details, exploring everything from the vestibular system to semicircular canals.

“What dictates our posture is sensory stimulation that we receive from different sensory receptors, being visual, vestibular and proprioceptive.”
– Annette Verpillot

Throughout the conversation, they cover it all – from head to feet, and even the surprising importance of jaw and tongue alignment. Plus, brace yourself for a fascinating discussion on dentistry and pediatric neurology. It’s a holistic approach to wellness that will leave you feeling informed and inspired. And as a special treat, Annette has a gift in store for you at the end of the show – so be sure to stick around!

Episode Overview:

0:00 Intro/Teaser
0:57 Exploring the Impact of Posture on Muscle Development
7:10 Analyzing Gait and Foot Mechanics
34:00 The Role of Therapeutic Insoles in Posture Correction
41:58 Neuroanatomical Examination of the Eyes
45:19 Indirect Effects of Eye Movements on the Brain
51:57 Eye Movements and Dopamine Levels
57:20 Tongue Posture and Oral Development
59:18 Eye Muscles and Sympathetic Response
1:02:24 Jaw Imbalance and Head Position
1:07:54 Impact of Wisdom Teeth Removal
1:11:02 Mouth Breathing and Learning Disabilities
1:13:15 Hope in Correcting Tongue Posture
1:16:30 Use of Functional Activators for Children
1:19:45 Importance of Posture for Longevity
1:21:50 Discount Offer and Course Information

Resources Mentioned:

Sleep Difficulties and Symptoms of Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children with Mouth Breathing

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Annette Verpillot, the founder of Posturepro, is a Canadian entrepreneur, therapist, and internationally recognized Posture Specialist know for her expertise in restoring the brain-body connection. Her groundbreaking Posturepro Method, taught to professionals worldwide, incorporates advanced rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques. Annette’s renowned postural evaluation system has a proven track record of eliminating chronic pain, enhancing strength, and improving sports performance. Through industry events and media appearances, Annette advocates for good posture, leaving a lasting impact on global health.

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