episode #343

Fat Accumulation & Female Metabolism with Dr. Benjamin Bikman


In this special rebroadcast, Dr. Benjamin Bikman, the renowned metabolic research scientist is back. And in this episode, he and Dr. Stephanie dive into the complexities of insulin resistance and sensitivity during the menstrual cycle, and also discuss the importance of protein and the best types to include in your diet.

Dr. Bikman is an expert in the intricate topic of fat metabolism, specifically exploring how fat cells transform from reproductive to menopausal years and the metabolic implications of this transition. This conversation also covers insulin resistance and sensitivity throughout the menstrual cycle, addressing female-specific disorders, optimal protein sources, and the nuanced mechanisms of different types of fat.

With a deliberate focus on empowering women to embrace a positive perspective on fat, the episode provides valuable insights for those in both reproductive and menopausal stages, offering a deep dive into the metabolic consequences faced by women in these phases of life.

This lively and informative chat with Dr. Bikman with leave you with a brand-new perspective on fat.


Dr. Bikman’s research focus is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms that mediate the disruption that causes and accompanies metabolic disorders, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and dementia. Driven by his academic training (Ph.D. in Bioenergetics and postdoctoral fellowship with the Duke-National University of Singapore in metabolic disorders), he is currently exploring the contrasting roles of insulin and ketones as key drivers of metabolic function. He frequently publishes his research in peer-reviewed journals and presents at international science meetings.


The previous episode with Ben: Ben Bikman on Why We Get Sick, Insulin Resistance and Infertility

Ben Bikman glucagon talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3fO5aTD6JU&ab_channel=LowCarbDownUnder

Survival of the Fattest book: https://amzn.to/3uAIuug

HLTH CODE meal replacement shake: https://gethlth.com/


Website – https://www.insuliniq.com


0:00 – Intro
0:05:11 The Importance of Fat Cells and Their Role in Metabolism
0:11:11 Mitochondria in Brown Fat Cells and Cellular Work
0:14:32 The Beiging Effect on White Fat Cells
0:20:05 Society’s Issue: Offense in Scientific Discussions
0:24:12 Sex Hormones and Fat Storage in Females
0:28:31 The Metabolic Burden of Pregnancy and Lactation
0:37:13 Women’s Metabolic Changes with Age and Fertility
0:46:50 The Effects of Hypertrophic Fat Cells
0:50:40 Glucagon: The Opposite of Insulin
0:56:06 Protein and Glucose Interaction and Insulin Spiking Effect
1:05:36 The Challenges of Plant Proteins and Heavy Metals
1:09:00 The Controversial Role of Protein in the Blue Zones
1:18:42 Resistance Training for Muscle Growth
1:28:08 Convenient Nutrition for Busy Lifestyles
1:29:41 The Importance of Ending a Fast Properly



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