Fasting For Women – A Deep Dive with Dr. Mindy Pelz


Dr. Mindy Pelz is becoming a fan favourite here on the Better show! She has been a guest a few times and we have a blast everytime we chat with her, plus some giggles. Mindy has just released her new book “Fast Like a Girl”, and how the female side of fasting is pretty different from the much documented male side of fasting. We talk about fasting and diet culture for teens, and how the menstrual cycle may be more complicated for our daughters in their later teens. We chat about navigating the topic of the birth control pill as a parent, and what the implications of that. We do an overview of the arch of a woman’s menstrual cycle over her life and how we can fast differently during different parts of it. Mindy weighs into the benefits of fasting for women, how it differs from the traditional and male approaches. We always have a ton of fun when Mindy comes on the show, so we hope you enjoy!

Episode Overview:

0:00 Introduction
2:15 Fast like a Girl
6:00 The Power of Estrogen
15:30 Teenage Girls & the Pill
25:00 Progesterone & Insulin Resistance
31:30 Chocolate & Magnesium
34:00 Knowing Your Body
40:00 Toxicity Dumps
45:00 Fasting on your Period
57:00 The Three P’s
1:01:00 Testosterone
1:10:00 Post Menopausal Testosterone Impacts
1:17:30 Conclusion


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