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Elizabeth Gilbert – On Self Awareness



Best-selling author, Elizabeth Gilbert is on today’s podcast with Dr. Stephanie! Perhaps most well-known for her memoir Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth discusses her latest book. City of Girls is a novel about love, freedom, female sexuality and finding happiness. Dr. Stephanie and Elizabeth discuss the Me Too Movement, the importance of relationships and community, and the grieving process. Dr. Stephanie thanks Elizabeth for opening up about the passing of her partner Rayya with tremendous courage and vulnerability. Finally, Elizabeth explains why one of her goals in life is to make people feel better about their crazed and hectic lives.


  • 00:52 – Introducing today’s guest, Elizabeth Gilbert
  • 04:40 – Elizabeth talks about her new book, City of Girls
  • 12:01 – The ‘Me Too’ Movement, consent, and the impact on sexuality
  • 13:58 – Female sexual desire
  • 16:39 – The importance of relationships and community
  • 20:50 – Elizabeth shares her thoughts on what it means to be a woman
  • 25:01 – Elizabeth opens up about her decision to leave a prior relationship
  • 28:39 – Dr. Stephanie shares her own experience with being out of alignment with herself
  • 29:58 – ‘This isn’t working for me’
  • 34:11 – Elizabeth opens up about her grieving process after losing the love of her life, Rayya
  • 42:48 – Elizabeth recalls fond memories of Rayya
  • 50:34 – Where listeners can follow Dr. Stephanie


“If women’s lives were automatically ruined by our poor judgement when it comes to sex and love, there would not be a woman left alive in this world.” (07:56)

“Sometimes the loss of innocence is such a relief because sometimes you’re simply better off without it.” (10:48)

“Female sexual desire is a dark – and I don’t mean sinful I mean primal – it is a deep, biological, complex, messy, ungovernable force.” (14:20)

“The most important relationship in my life is my relationship to myself.” (17:29)

“If that voice arises and says ‘This is no longer a nourishing environment for me,’ I’m bound by my contract of love to myself to get the hell out of there.” (26:31)

“My fifty year old self says to my younger self, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t know how to take care of you before, but I hadn’t met you yet.’” (27:51)

“The most powerful words in the English language that a woman can say are, ‘This is not working for me.’” (29:58)

“It’s so funny, there’s certain human experiences that I’m very scared of. Grieving isn’t one of them.” (39:14)

“If I’ve done nothing else with my life, I just wanna be a walking permission slip t make other people feel a little less crazed and weird about their own lives.” (49:39)


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Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

City of Girls


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