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Dr. Mark Hyman & Mia Lux – On Relationships, Healthy Eating, & Coming Back to Love



Dr. Mark Hyman is the director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, an internationally recognized speaker, and an eleven-time New York Times best-selling author. His wife, Mia Lux, is an international host, comedian & facilitator, specializing in top wellness and personal development events around the world. Together, they join the podcast to discuss how approach working on their relationship, best practices for healthy eating, and strategies for coping with each other’s struggles. Dr. Mark discusses the impact our diet has on the environment and why topsoil is such an integral part of our ecosystem. Finally, Dr. Mark and Mia share insights as to how they manage to incorporate quality time within their daily routines.


00:51 – Dr. Stephanie introduces today’s guests, Dr, Mark Hyman and Mia Lux

06:48 – Dr. Mark and Mia share their origin story of how they met and fell in love

11:05 – How Dr. Mark and Mia approach working on their relationship

14:20 – Dr. Mark and Mia share one surprising thing they adore about each other

19:47 – Mia speaks to her standup comedy and the value she places on humor

24:00 – Dr. Mark talks about his book, Food: What The Heck Should I Cook?

28:10 – Advice Dr. Mark would give to those looking to eat healthy, especially with their partner

37:26 – Dr. Mark and Mia comment on the impact of our food choices on the environment

48:17 – Dr. Mark explains what topsoil is and why it’s so important

50:12 – How Dr. Mark and Mia incorporate quality time within their daily routines and rituals

53:35 – The importance of supporting your partner through times when they’re struggling

59:08 – Dr. Stephanie thanks Dr. Mark and Mia for their honesty and for joining the show

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“So, we created something called, ‘What’s Up Below.,’ like, ‘What’s Up…Below.’ And the idea is you each take a turn to ask, ‘What’s Up Below?’ And that person talks about their feeling experience about what’s going on in their life.” (12:38) (Mia)

“I would like to brag that I enough emotional responsibility to know that I’m not gonna be emotionally responsible. I am beyond reason, don’t speak to me.” (17:53) (Dr. Mark)

“I started standup a while ago but only got into it seriously a couple of year ago. And, I originally used it as a personal growth tool.” (20:05) (Mia)

“You’re gonna have a hard time convincing me that people won’t like great food if it’s put in front of them.” (29:13) (Dr. Mark)

“One of the things that really is big for people is the role of mental health and food. And, people don’t understand that their mood, their depression, their anxiety, all that can be related – even ADD – can be related to what they’re eating.” (34:44) (Dr. Mark)

“When you create a regenerative farm, which is essentially integrating animals and plant species using animals in a way that actually regenerates through their poo and their pee and they’re running around and chewing on the grass, it actually builds soil. And also, it holds water and it requires less irrigation. So it’s a win-win-win and it produces better quality food.” (44:22)

“So we had to figure out how to build a bridge between us so that he understands that if I need a moment to go and figure it out, it’s not because I’m running or withdrawing. It’s because I want to come back with a really open heart and a clean space so we can really deal and heal with whatever it is.” (56:02)



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