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Dr. Anthony Youn – On Breast Implants, Aging Skin, and Playing God


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Top cosmetic plastic surgeon and author Dr. Anthony Youn joins the podcast to share his unique experience in the medical field. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony understands the importance of asking the right questions and choosing the right plastic surgeon. In this episode, Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Anthony talk all about skin aging, best practices for skin care routines, fat loss, botox, breast augmentation, and the importance of understanding anatomy. Dr. Anthony talks about the inspiration behind his book, Playing God, and the success and acclaim it has garnered throughout the industry. Finally, Dr. Anthony reiterates the importance of reflecting on both the negative and positive potential results before making the decision to have cosmetic surgery.


  • 00:47 – Introducing today’s guest, Dr. Anthony Youn
  • 06:13 – Dr. Anthony explains the important distinction of being a board-certified plastic surgeon
  • 08:43 – The decision to become a plastic surgeon
  • 11:03 – Dr. Stephanie brings up a specific story from Dr. Anthony’s most recent book
  • 15:52 – The role of morality and faith in medicine
  • 20:47 – An advocate first
  • 23:56 – Guidelines for choosing a plastic surgeon provider
  • 20:00 – Non-invasive alternatives to surgery
  • 27:39 – Dr. Anthony and Dr. Stephanie touch on skin care
  • 31:33 – Best practices for healthy skin care routines
  • 36:55 – How to avoid that unnatural look that can be associated with plastic surgery
  • 40:34 – Best practices when having botox
  • 41:41 – The three most common areas that are injected with botox
  • 46:00 – The dangers of filler
  • 46:55 – Dr. Anthony and Dr. Stephanie discuss breast augmentation
  • 52:26 – Dr. Stephanie thanks Dr. Anthony for joining the show
  • 53:00 – Where listeners can follow Dr. Anthony
  • 53:40 – Where listeners can follow Dr. Stephanie and subscribe to her newsletter


“There’s a handful of patients throughout any doctor’s career that you remember. Sometimes, these are patients that they’re such great successes that you take a lot of pride in…but even more important are those patients that you failed.” (14:42)

“That’s why the title of the book is Playing God, because so many doctors think they’re playing God. And, in the end, what I’ve come to realize is that it’s not that as a doctor you’re playing God, it’s that you need God to help you to help your patients.” (20:03)

“One thing I think that I have learned over the last many years, as I’ve gotten to know doctors like yourself and a lot of our holistic health colleagues, I’ve learned how much I don’t know. And that’s a lot.” (22:10)

“There are actually studies that show that if you combine Vitamin C and Vitamin E, their antioxidant power, basically, is synergistically increased. For some reason, you put them separately, they do what they do separately. You put them together, and it’s much better than them separate.” (33:00)

“If you don’t care that you’re having a medical procedure done that’s unnecessary, well think about that maybe you may be screwing yourself in the future because if you do it too much when you’re young, it might not work when you’re older.” (41:26)

“The important thing to take away from this is that there are no smooth surface implants that we know of that have been related to this ALCL on their own.” (49:07)

“Literally five years ago if you were to ask the majority of plastic surgeons if breast implant illness is real or is it a psychiatric condition, probably ninety-eight percent of them or more would say it’s a psychiatric condition, it’s the women thinking this and they’re wrong.” (50:38)


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