Detoxification For Weight Loss, Estrogen & Thyroid Function with Dr. Stephanie Estima


In this episode,

Dr. Stephanie breaks down the detoxification process diving into what happens to your body, why this is a crucial metabolic function, and which nutrients you need to fuel your body with. She reveals the types of estrogen that play a key role in eliminating toxins, the geeky science of estrogen in three phases, and how to lose weight if you’re estrogen-dominant. Dr. Stephanie walks you through the process of conjugation and the exact nutrients you need to give your body. You’ll get a full checklist of the foods and supplements you need to eat in order to detox, and understand why eating too much fiber is actually harmful. If you’re perimenopausal or menopausal, you’ll find out specific considerations for detox at these stages. Finally, Dr. Stephanie will touch on the power of fermented foods and resistant starches for your digestion, how to use them strategically, and amplify detoxification in your body.

I’m Dr. Stephanie

Part geek, part magic, and all the way passionate about being a well-lived woman.

I want to throw my grandkids in the air in my 70’s. I want to be squatting even more weight than I am now, and putting my OWN luggage in the overhead bin. Sound like weird goals? For me these are just some of the little things that represent a life well-lived.

My health is MY job – I’ll be damned if I rely on luck, ‘good genes’ or a cocktail of drugs that over promise and under deliver.

The Betty Body is my first book-baby, and a collection of what I’ve learned after thousands of clinical hours, hundreds of conversations with the world’s top experts, and most importantly…

This book is an outline of what took ME from “rock-bottom health” at 38, to being my own version of a Betty in my perimenopausal mid 40’s. A woman who is physically strong, full of energy, enjoys mental clarity, great sex and a joyful family life. Is it all roses? Of course not. But I have the stamina and tools to deal with the push and pull of life so that it doesn’t turn into chronic stress.

I want this for you too. Let’s go Bettys!