episode #360

Biohack Your Cycle: Fitness, Fasting & Stress Management with Aggie Lal


Biohacking expert Aggie Lal joins this episode for a dynamic conversation about cycle syncing for women’s health. With Dr. Stephanie’s expertise in nutrition and Aggie’s comprehensive approach to biohacking, they delve into topics ranging from menstrual cycle variations to stress management techniques.

“I get shocked when I see a fitness expert that has 4 million followers, making millions, selling meal plans, but then she’s like ‘I haven’t had my period in 10 years, but you know… I look great!’ But no, the fact that you’re skinny is not an indication that you’re healthy.” – Aggie Lal

Explore how nutrition, fasting, and training can be tailored to different phases of the menstrual cycle, and gain insights into emotional fluctuations and stress mitigation strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned health enthusiast or new to the concept, this episode offers invaluable tips for optimizing wellness through cycle syncing.

Episode Overview:

1:17 – Introducing Biohacking Bestie, Aggie Lal
2:43 – The Role of Women in Biohacking
6:59 – Embracing Feminine Energy
8:27 – Feminine Energy in Strength Training
14:11 – Shifting from Skinny to Strong
14:14 – Lifting Weights and Cycle Training
19:02 – Training According to Menstrual Cycle
27:16 – Fasting Framework for Women
31:13 – Importance of Auto-Regulation in Health and Fitness
35:30 – Breaking Free from Masculine Ideals
36:51 – Embracing Femininity and Lifestyle Balance
37:20 – Period Power Beyond Reproduction
44:06 – Microfasts and Eating Patterns
44:37 – Nutrition, Metabolism, and Stress Management
51:43 – The Healing Power of Forgiveness
56:48 – Embracing Play and Pleasure
1:02:20 – The Teacher-Student Energetic Shift


Aggie Lal is a renowned public figure, best-selling author, certified nutrition and health coach, podcast host, TV personality, and TEDx speaker. With more than 1.5 million social media followers and a vast audience across multiple channels, Aggie has become highly influential in the areas of health, biohacking, personal development, entrepreneurship, and travel & lifestyle. Find out more at biohackingbestie.com

Resources Mentioned:

Aggie’s new book Biohack Like a Women

Aggie’s Academy higherselfacademy.co

Insights into Dr. D’Agostino’s 72-hour fasting experience

40 Years of Zen

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