episode #218

Become Cliterate, Break The Stigma Of Self-Pleasure, And Understand Your Goddess Anatomy



Questions related to sex, female pleasure, and anatomy have been taboo for decades. That ends now. Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Laurie Mintz explore all things sex including the definition of cliteracy and orgasm equality. They discuss the problems with porn and the orgasm gap between men and women. You’ll learn how the G-Spot has impacted women, key facts about your female anatomy, and how to advocate for your own pleasure. Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Mintz discuss losing your virginity, pregnancy, and subsequent vaginal loosening. Tune in to become fully clitorate and get all your burning questions about female sexuality answered.

Episode Overview:

    • 6:56 Introduction
    • 12:19 Welcoming Dr. Mintz
    • 16:50 Defining Cliteracy & Orgasm Equality
    • 20:55 Clitoral Stimulation Vs Penetration
    • 25:10 Problems With Porn
    • 31:00 Orgasm Gap & Female Pleasure
    • 33:40 How To Teach Women To Advocate For Their Own Pleasure
    • 39:20 Women’s Anatomy
    • 44:12 How Focus On G-Spot Has Impacted Women
    • 49:00 Losing Your Virginity
    • 56:10 Pregnancy and Vaginal Loosening
    • 57:30 Redefining The Term “Sex”
    • 1:02:22 The Myth Of Simultaneous Orgasms
    • 1:05:00 Becoming Cliterate
    • 1:09:00 Breaking The Stigma Of Self Pleasure
    • 1:12:35 Supporting Libido
    • 1:20:32 How To Find Dr. Mintz

Connect With Laurie:

Becoming Cliterate 

A Tired Woman’s Guide For Passionate Sex 



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I’m Dr. Stephanie

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I want to throw my grandkids in the air in my 70’s. I want to be squatting even more weight than I am now, and putting my OWN luggage in the overhead bin. Sound like weird goals? For me these are just some of the little things that represent a life well-lived.

My health is MY job – I’ll be damned if I rely on luck, ‘good genes’ or a cocktail of drugs that over promise and under deliver.

The Betty Body is my first book-baby, and a collection of what I’ve learned after thousands of clinical hours, hundreds of conversations with the world’s top experts, and most importantly…

This book is an outline of what took ME from “rock-bottom health” at 38, to being my own version of a Betty in my perimenopausal mid 40’s. A woman who is physically strong, full of energy, enjoys mental clarity, great sex and a joyful family life. Is it all roses? Of course not. But I have the stamina and tools to deal with the push and pull of life so that it doesn’t turn into chronic stress.

I want this for you too. Let’s go Bettys!