Athletic Performance, Brain Health & Ketones – A Discussion with Michael Brandt with Dr. Stephanie Estima


The Better show welcomes Michael Brandt to the show this week! Michael is the co-founder and CEO of HVMN, a triathlete and marathoner. A former Stanford grad in computer science and design he became a product manager at Google, then went onto being an Adjunct Professor at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Today we are talking all about Ketones. We explore the role of ketones and its effect on the brain as we age. We chat about the benefits of ketones as an appetite suppressor, how it can help recover post workout and the ketogenic diet. We talk about exogenous ketones being used without being on the ketogenic diet, and if it’s still effective. Michael explains the difference between salts and esters, and how HVMN has evolved to get even better at producing awesome products for those in the bio-hacking sphere. Hope you all enjoy this episode!

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