episode #349

Air Quality for Sleep, Recovery, and Brain Health with Mike Feldstein


Mike Feldstein, the founder of Jaspr and an air quality expert, delves into the intricacies of both exterior and interior air quality.

From the impact of wildfires and trapped pollens indoors to unseen pollutants like VOCs, off-gassing, and cooking byproducts, this conversation spans practical solutions. Dr. Stephanie and Mike outline protocols ranging from simple measures like opening windows and incorporating plants to investing in advanced air purification systems. They also cover geographical nuances, addressing challenges in different climates, from mould concerns in cold and humid regions to issues faced in arid environments.

Notably, the episode explores the critical link between air quality and cognitive health, providing invaluable insights for those looking to enhance overall well-being in the new year. Don’t miss this informative conversation with Mike Feldstein—it’s a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking to optimize their health through better air quality.

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Episode Overview:

0:00 Intro
00:49 Air Quality Day and the Importance of Clean Air
3:03 Understanding the Impact of Wildfire Smoke on Indoor Air Quality
9:01 Furnace Filters and the Importance of Clean Air
14:47 VOCs and the Impact on Air Quality
18:06 Air Quality Affects Brain Performance
27:34 The Importance of Clean Air for Travelers
36:28 Importance of Clean Air for Better Sleep Quality
40:28 Placement of Air Purifiers in Bedrooms and Other Areas
43:44 Improving Sleep Quality with a Simple Tip
47:12 Easy, Low-Cost Solutions for Improving Indoor Air Quality
50:30 Cooking Outside and the Importance of Ventilation in Homes
54:51 Importance of Checking Bathroom Fan and Range Hood Functionality
1:03:42 The Jaspr Unit’s Modern Design and Aesthetic Appeal
1:12:20 Understanding Fallow Time in Surgical Operating Rooms
1:15:26 Affordable Pricing and Lifetime Warranty for Air Purifiers


Mike Feldstein, is the founder of Jaspr and air quality expert. He leveraged his experience in wildfire restoration and air quality consulting to start Jaspr, a premium air purifier company, to innovate in air science and technology. His purpose is to protect air quality and boost human health using the latest in air quality science and tech.

Resources Mentioned:

The Long-Run Economic Consequences of High-Stakes Examinations: Evidence from Transitory Variation in Pollution

Air Quality and Error Quantity: Pollution and Performance in a High-Skilled, Quality-Focused Occupation

Indoor Air Quality and Strategic Decision Making

Associations between illness-related absences and ventilation and indoor PM2.5 in elementary schools of the Midwestern United States

NASA’s Plant Science is Rooted in Earth and Shoots for the Stars

Connect with Mike on:

IG: instagram.com/jasprco/

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