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You Just Listened to the 
Better Podcast - Now What?

On each Better! episode I cover A LOT of ground.

I’ve realized after hearing from many of you that it can sometimes lead to INFOBESITY, a term I just discovered and love.  Your brain jumps into the ‘freeze’ response and your habits and health don’t change.

My mission lies in removing the overwhelm. Instead, I want you to learn both essential and new ways to care for yourself and evolve your health during all stages of your life.
That’s why I’m so thrilled to offer you a Premium Membership Subscription option for the Better! Podcast.

When you join, you’ll get carefully curated resources designed to have actionable steps that get you results.

When you join my Premium Membership Subscription you get:

  • Private “Ask Me Anything” episodes based on your most important and pressing questions.
  • Early and ad-free access to the weekly Better! podcasts. I go deep into my own process for living my best geeky goddess life in my mid-40’s and how you can, too!
  • A downloadable action guide for each episode in either “light,” “medium,” or “dark” roast versions, including key topic points, conversation takeaways, helpful links, and more.
  • My insights from the guest discussion coupled with recommendations you can use to build habits and routines that support your goals.
  • Surprise guests and solo shows only for members.
  • Exclusive content beyond the podcast episodes.

My magic is taking complex science and chunking it into understandable action items that get you results.

This is THE podcast for driven women who want BETTER bodies, better minds, better sex and better relationships at ALL stages of their lives.

Can you believe this!?

“I recently had one of the world’s top sleep experts on the podcast – I asked him a question that NO ONE – in all his hours of being interviewed by the likes of Oprah and Dr. Oz to name a few – had asked before…

How does sleep change during a woman’s menstrual cycle?

And THIS my friends is why the Better! Podcast exists – I am fiercely passionate about pushing forward the research and understanding of women’s health and how we can optimize it. Especially for women experiencing perimenopause or menopause.

Because we’re not little men. There is a world of possibility for us!”

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Blowing my mind

“I’ve just turned 40 and have a 5 and 6 year old. I have been battling feeling like garbage for years and have slowly started incorporating strategies into my life like breath work, easy exercise (I have a weak pelvic floor and imbalances in my shoulders) to try to get myself healthy enough to lift heavier. I also got an Oura ring to see how my sleep is. Quickly found out alcohol was the devil. I then found this podcast and not only did it speak to this exact point I am in my life but it verified all the work I have been trying means I’m on the right track. Stephanie is brilliant and funny and makes high level concepts digestible and easy to try. I love it. Now if I can only get myself healthy enough so lift without hurting myself 😜 Thank you Stephanie for putting this out into the universe.”


So much more than a podcast

“I am 42 years old, I have 3 boys and live in South Africa. I have been a huge fan and listener to your wonderful podcasts for the last 2 plus years. It’s so difficult to convey in a review the gratitude I have for you and the amazing work you do. Your content is so enriching and inspiring. You always ask the exact questions that I would want answers to when interviewing your guests. Thank you for sharing your story and so much of yourself, I can relate in so many ways and makes me feel so confident to know that what I feel is normal, and to have practical, real-world, honest recommendations and solutions . Another thank you for all the amazing free content you post,I recently downloaded your “blood test guide”,so useful and helpful! I obviously have your book which is amazing! And really hope you’re working on the next one . Please keep doing what you do and sharing your brilliance.”


Best podcast!

“Dr. Stephanie I have been listening to your show since October 2020 when I had to take a leave at my work due to my mental health. I have been searching for a podcast that would help me learn more about health and I came across yours. I fell in love with the show and you. Your content is extremely educational , and fun. I have waited to write a review because I wanted to be one of the special ones😉, and also wanted to make sure I had the right words. I have learned so much and thanks to you I have made changes in my life and my family’s life. I talk to my 13yr old and 8 yr old about what I learn and they love to hear it. I also tell everyone I come in contact with, I share your episodes with others. To me you are the “Wonder Women” super hero! We need to have the new generation of girls listen and learn from people like you! Thank you for your podcast! Love one of your Beties!”


Dr. Stephanie gives me wings!

“I heard about Dr. Stephanie from my doctor. I told my doctor how I felt like I just couldn’t keep doing boot camp three days a week. I’m 48 and I just felt like all the jumping around and running was leaving me spent. My doc suggested I listen to Dr. Stephanie’s podcast about exercising according to your menstrual cycle. I was immediately intrigued! I listened to one episode and I fell hard. I purchased the audiobook and finished it within a few days. Then I bought the book because I knew I needed to highlight several sections. Meanwhile I am gobbling up her podcast episodes during every walk, chore and spare moment of my time. She has such a genuine energy and ability to break things down to help me understand how my hormones relate to so many aspects of my mind and body. You feel her warmth and zest for knowledge in her voice. I get so energized after I listen to her podcast. Dr. Stephanie is my Red Bull. She gives me wings!”


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    I’m Dr. Stephanie

    I’m part geek, part magic and it’s my mission to be a voice for women who just aren’t getting the answers they need about their health – whether that’s from their friends, their family or their primary health providers.

    Originally a doctor of chiropractic with a special interest in brain metabolism, I became obsessed with female physiology when I discovered how unique it really is.

    There is so much to be unlocked, lit up and turned on by understanding our cycles, as well as how to leverage it during perimenopause and menopause.
    Everyday, I work to unlock this magic in myself – by eating, exercising, working, sleeping and playing in a way that BALANCES my hormones. Let me tell you – this isn’t always easy. But the result is that at 40+ I am in the best shape – mentally, physically and spiritually – that I ever have been.

    I am in what I like to call the geeky-goddess-heronine stage of my life – I know better, I want better, I do better.

    Let’s get better together. I created this podcast to share KEY information about women’s health with you, so that you don’t misinterpret your experience once you reach perimenopause. Because it’s time to stop dreading this phase of our lives.