The Mini Pause

A weekly roundup of the BEST actionable steps for women 40+ who want to gain control of their hormones during perimenopause and menopause.

Every week I invite you to take a mini pause and review my top actionable findings for feeling better, looking better and gaining control of your hormones!

I give you step by step suggestions on diet, exercise, stress management, relationships and self-love for living your BEST life after 40.


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I’ve made it my life’s mission to help women make better decisions about their health,

and as part of that I spend about 80% of my time researching, working with patients, and talking to some of the world’s leading health experts for my podcast Better! My curiosity is insatiable and I LOVE finding the answers that many women just aren’t getting.

Women are not ‘little men’ with pesky hormones – we have the ability to leverage our hormones and unlock a world of vitality, longevity and great health. And there’s nothing I love more than learning how, and sharing it with you.

Turning 40 isn’t the end, nor is it all downhill from here.
We are just getting started!

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I’m Dr. Stephanie

I’m part geek, part magic and it’s my mission to be a voice for women who just aren’t getting the answers they need about their health – whether that’s from their friends, their family or their primary health providers.

Originally a doctor of chiropractic with a special interest in brain metabolism, I became obsessed with female physiology when I discovered how unique it really is. There is so much to be unlocked, lit up and turned on by understanding our cycles, as well as how to leverage it during perimenopause and menopause.

Everyday, I work to unlock this magic in myself – by eating, exercising, working, sleeping and playing in a way that BALANCES my hormones. Let me tell you – this isn’t always easy. But the result is that at 40+ I am in the best shape – mentally, physically and spiritually – that I ever have been. I am in what I like to call the geeky-goddess-heronine stage of my life – I know better, I want better, I do better.

This newsletter is my way of condensing all the incredible knowledge I have access to week after week – giving you short bursts of important info and key action steps so that you can join me on this journey. Let’s get better together. It’s time to STOP dreading our lives after 40, and being told to ‘just deal with it’.

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