Mini Pause #25: Try MyoReps for a Time-Saving Strength Routine

MyoReps: The Answer for Muscle Hypertrophy When You’re Short on Time

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When you’re in a pinch for time, structuring your workout in MyoReps is an efficient way to build muscle. They are intense! And for the majority of the session, they work the muscle close to muscle fatigue. These were lifesavers for me on a recent trip to Europe where I was pinched for time, jetlagged, and needed to get in a good working session.


MyoReps add variety to your existing routine and keep you working out when your time constraints don’t allow for luxuriating in the gym.

The theory behind the technique is that it helps athletes to do more effective reps. This method puts the muscles under high metabolic stress to help with hypertrophy and increase muscle growth.


MyoReps are designed to be high in intensity and short on time. Here’s the way they are typically structured:

  • Pick a heavy weight for your working set sufficient enough to approximate muscle failure. This means that by the end of your set, you might be able to–if asked–execute 1-3 more reps.
  • Wait 5-10 seconds.
  • Then start your second set. Do as many reps as you can until you’re approximately 1-3 reps from failure.
  • Wait another 5-10 seconds.
  • Begin set 3, again, aiming to do as many repetitions as you can until you fail.
  • Continue until you have executed your desired number of sets.

You can see with this shortened rest period that the accumulation of metabolites does not have sufficient time to clear, and the muscle does not have much time to recharge before starting up again. Beginning subsequent sets when the muscle is already fatigued provides a big stimulus for hypertrophy.


For your next upper body day (I do not recommend trying this with legs initially because of the sheer intensity of the workout!), try the following:

  • SET 1: Heavy weights for a set of 8-12 until failure
  • Rest 5-10 seconds
  • SET 2: Same weights as set 1, trying to get as many reps as you can before muscle failure. Aim for 8-12.
  • Rest 5-10 seconds.
  • SET 3: Repeat Set 2
  • Rest 5-10 seconds.
  • SET 4: Repeat Set 3

And voilà! That exercise is now complete. Move on to the next exercise in your program and repeat this pattern.

Question of the Week

Q: When you say ‘lift heavy,’ what does that mean exactly?

This came in from heyrachelej on IG and echoes a sentiment I get asked a lot.

Heavy means choosing a weight that, for your given repetitions in a set, you approximate muscle failure.

So let’s break this down a little bit further because most of us are not training to failure or even close to it.

You know you are approximating failure when one or both of the following happen:

  • Your velocity of the reps starts to slow down significantly.
  • The perceived weight starts to exponentially increase.

This is how you should be selecting a weight that is “heavy” and one that is appropriately heavy for you so that it approximates muscle failure.


I’ll be answering your questions every week right here in the Mini Pause! Let me know what’s on your mind. I’ll be checking for both questions and feedback at support@drstephanieestima.com.

What I Recommend: BON CHARGE Red Light Therapy

As I’m experiencing perimenopause like many of my Bettys, recovery, healing, and skin health have become non-negotiables. I discovered the Australian company BON CHARGE last year and have found numerous products that are useful within my daily routines and support my health goals.

If you’ve read my mentions before and been curious, now’s the time to learn even more and invest in devices that offer you so much direct benefit. And if you’ve already tried one product, consider adding another to your routine.

Simply click the links below and the discount will be automatically applied. There are a variety of price points for all budgets. And for those of you who have health insurance HSA or FSA accounts, BON CHARGE products are all HSA/FSA eligible. Follow a few easy steps to obtain these tax-free savings.

Whether you’re still cycling, in peri or meno, a competitive athlete, or at any point in your health and fitness journey–these are my go-to’s I hope you’ll consider:

  • Infrared PEMF Mat Max: I underestimated just how much I’d love this product. The Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) harnesses electromagnetic wavelengths and red light therapy. I find it hard to relax–no shocker there–and this mat grounds my body and calms my mind every time. (It’s also low EMF and flicker-free.)
  • Red Light Face Mask: Red light and near-infrared light combine for powerful skin benefits. It’s now my 10- to 20-minute morning habit!
  • Red Light Neck & Chest Mask: If you’re playing catch-up with taking care of the skin on your neck and chest, this mask pairs well with the face mask to heal, firm, and smooth.
  • Infrared Sauna Blanket:  For my Bettys who want to experience all the benefits of a sauna without the monetary or space investment, the sauna blanket offers a great alternative. This one soothes my muscles after a hard lift day and helps me get to sleep.
  • Cold & Heat Therapy Massage Gun: This “hurts so good” device targets muscle soreness in the usual (and most unlikely!) areas of your body after an especially intense workout. The cold and heat combination gives you the flexibility to customize your recovery practice–genius! It’s portable, too, so you can pack it in your gym bag and use it right after working out instead of waiting until you get home.

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