Keep Your Bones Healthy with Plant-Based Minerals

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Strong bones keep you mobile and pain-free, increasing your “healthspan” so you can move with confidence, regardless of age.

It can be challenging to keep your bones strong, especially after age 40. Bone density loss is especially prevalent in women during perimenopause and menopause. About 54% of women develop osteopenia (low bone density) by the end of menopause, and another 30% develop osteoporosis[*].

That low bone density is dangerous. Your chance of fracturing a bone goes up[*]—and if you develop osteoporosis, it can happen during an everyday activity, like bending at your hip to pick something up or stumbling while taking the stairs.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your bone density high as you get older. You want to navigate the world with confidence—which means keeping your bones flexible and resilient to stress.

I love strong bones! You know I strength train regularly and encourage you to do the same as a proven way to help offset bone loss as you age. It’s a great way–but not the only way–to maintain BETTER! bone density. Minerals play a key role, too.

Minerals Keep Your Bones Strong

Your bone density declines as you age because of something called bone resorption. As you get older, your body pulls more and more minerals from your bones and uses them elsewhere[*].

The result is that your bones end up deficient in calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and several other essential minerals. They weaken and become brittle, and they also struggle to replenish their mineral stores.

If you want to restore bone density and keep things like chronic pain and mobility issues at bay, you have to replenish all those lost minerals.

A Calcium Supplement Alone Isn’t Enough

Plentiful research shows that taking calcium helps prevent bone loss as you age[*]. Calcium supplements can help restore bone calcium levels and give your bones the raw materials they need to grow.

However, many health professionals stopped suggesting solo calcium supplements in recent years after discovering that taking calcium alone, while great for bones, causes problems elsewhere in your body. For example, high-dose calcium supplementation can lead to kidney stones[*].

But the bigger issue is that high calcium levels deplete magnesium and potassium, which causes damage to your heart over time[*]. In addition, newer research has found that bone growth requires a variety of different minerals—not just calcium[*].

For these reasons, doctors now suggest taking a full spectrum of essential minerals for bone health. Replenishing all your essential mineral stores will give your body the raw materials it needs to stay strong as you age, without the imbalances and side effects that can come from single-mineral supplements.

Replenish Your Body’s Minerals in 30 Seconds A Day

Normally, if you want to balance your mineral stores, you have to test your mineral levels, take a handful of different mineral supplements in the right ratios and forms, and then retest to see what has changed. It’s an expensive and time-consuming process.

BEAM Minerals offers a solution. Their full-spectrum, plant-based minerals contain every essential mineral your body needs, all in the correct ratios to promote mineral balance.

With just two ionic liquid supplements, Electrolyze and Micro-BOOST, you can refill all your body’s mineral stores at once. Because BEAM Minerals require no digestion, they’re far easier to absorb than most pill or capsule-based mineral supplements. Simply take a capful of each in the morning (don’t worry; they taste like water) to start strengthening your bones.

As your mineral stores gradually refill over a few weeks, you may begin to experience additional benefits of remineralization–like deeper sleep, and more focused energy in your body and brain.

I invite you to learn more about how BEAM Minerals support your well-being as you age. Use code BETTER at checkout to get 20% off.

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