Heat & Cold Massage for Recovery

This “hurts so good” device targets muscle soreness in the usual (and most unlikely!) areas of your body after an especially intense workout. The cold and heat combination gives you the flexibility to customize your recovery practice–genius! It’s portable, too, so you can pack it in your gym bag and use it right after working out instead of waiting until you get home.

Nervous System

Improving HRV (heart rate variability) and adaptive recovery are essential to continue to show up as our best. Apollo is a natural way to increase focus during the day and deep sleep overnight. It’s wearable technology that uses the gentle vibrations of touch therapy to promote stress resilience, sleep, focus, recovery, and more.

Mitochondrial Function/Muscle Growth

Improve your health with Urolithin A, a postbiotic nutrient. It works directly on your mitochondria to improve energy production that naturally lags as you age.

Magnesium – Daily

Increased stress load, changes in sleep patterns and hormones in our 40s requires upping our daily magnesium intake. Minimum 300mg-600mg daily.


Cramping is a natural response to mineral deficiency. Leg and foot cramps can be exacerbated through the menstrual cycle, particularly in the luteal phase.

Energy Boost

Ketones are powerful macronutrients. You want to keep your blood ketone levels within 1.0 — 2.5 mmol/L. You can get a boost of energy, focus, endurance, and athletic performance with a daily supplement that quickly delivers ketones to your bloodstream and puts you in ketosis within minutes. No fasting or carb-cutting required.

Collagen Powder

Clinical studies show collagen strengthens bones, joints, and ligaments; improves gut lining and connective tissues; and improves your skin health. Get the benefits of a complete collagen recovery from a powdered blend that contains 15 grams of grass-fed collagen peptides.

Protein Powder

As we age, our protein requirements increase as our muscles become more resistant to growth. This protein powder is free of fillers, and tastes phenomenal. Aim for a minimum of 1g protein per pound of ideal body weight.

Creatine with Taurine

You could be doing all the right things with your nutrition, fitness, and sleep, but if you don’t have enough creatine in your body, you won’t be able to build or maintain muscle. Creatine+ is key for maintaining both muscle mass and your cognitive health (bonus!). Adding taurine, a key functional amino acid, supports critical cellular actions in your body.

Essential Amino Acids

My favorite aminos (choose powder or capsules) with all nine essential amino acids (EAAs) in clinically studied dosages. These EAAs make up over 50% of every protein in the body, which makes it an ideal supplement to fuel your performance.