Home Air Quality

Modern homes trap Indoor pollutants from cooking, personal care and household products, allergens, pets, and mold. The air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. What you’re breathing inside your home affects your sleep, energy, and overall health. Prioritize an air purification solution with commercial-quality HEPA filtration and real-time air quality monitoring.

Foot Mechanics & Natural Movement

Your feet do a lot for you! Minimalist shoes benefit your foot health by helping to increase your balance, improve your posture, and decrease discomfort. They also allow for proprioception and retraining of the toe and ankle mortise. The shoes are wide, flat, thin, and flexible. All good things when it comes to foot mechanics.


Cardiopulmonary values like Vo2max and speed output begin to decline exponentially in midlife if we are not training it–up to 8% per year! The Carolbike has AI-backed programs designed to improve your VO2 max and speed markers in just 5-minute workouts.

Blue Light Protection

We are a dark-deprived society. We need to be in complete darkness to sleep well. Exposure to artificial blue light affects the body’s circadian rhythm more than any of the other colors. Then, your sleep, brain and mitochondrial function, and metabolism are thrown off. Protect your health with day and night glasses (in stylish, modern frames!) that protect against artificial blue and green light.

Cold Water Immersion

Cold water activates brown fat cells (the good kind), leading to improved metabolism, weight management, and enhanced immune response. Cold plunges can offer a controlled and safe environment for cold exposure.

Infrared Sauna

I am incredibly bullish on sauna therapy as a tool for muscle recovery; detoxification and rejuvenation; heart health; stress reduction; and aging well. I decided on an infrared sauna from Sunlighten because of the range of far and near infrared wavelength it offers.


Red Light Therapy

Cells on the surface of your skin absorb red light, which means more collagen is produced, you likely have more energy, and you can experience enhanced healing and recovery. Near red and far infra-red light do even more, promoting detoxification and reducing inflammation.

Nervous System

Improving HRV (heart rate variability) and adaptive recovery are essential to continue to show up as our best. Apollo is a natural way to increase focus during the day and deep sleep overnight. It’s wearable technology that uses the gentle vibrations of touch therapy to promote stress resilience, sleep, focus, recovery, and more.

Mitochondrial Function/Muscle Growth

Improve your health with Urolithin A, a postbiotic nutrient. It works directly on your mitochondria to improve energy production that naturally lags as you age.

Magnesium – Daily

Increased stress load, changes in sleep patterns and hormones in our 40s requires upping our daily magnesium intake. Minimum 300mg-600mg daily.