3 Keys To Summer Sleep (because we really need it!)

For so many women in their 40’s, the biggest pain point of our health is getting a good night’s rest. I like to call this the stress sandwich. We have pressure from above with aging parents and caregivers, and we have pressure from below with our kids…and then we are stuck RIGHT in the middle of that sandwich.

One of the first signs of prolonged stress is disrupted sleep.

And do you know where prolonged disrupted sleep leads to?

Weight gain, accelerated aging and chronic fatigue. Hard pass.

Now let’s throw in the stress of SUMMER – it’s supposed to be easy, breezy, lemon squeezy like all those commercials for beer and wine spritzers tell us right? Wrong.

After many late nights at summer bbq’s, winding road trips and perhaps the stress of having kids out of school, our sleep can suffer even more during this season – and I for one am not going to take it lying down – unless that involves some seriously good zzzzz’s.


My first step is always incorporating a supplement that aids in my sleep – but you know me, I’m a supplement minimalist. So whatever I take must be efficient + effective – meaning I don’t need to take a ton of them and they have ingredients that really WORK.

My choice? Mello Magnesium by Hello Ned. It comes in a powder form and the lavender berry flavor is my absolute fave. Although there is a truly lovely variety of flavors to choose from if that’s not your jam.

Listen, I get the allure of supplements in pill form rather than a powder form you need to mix and drink – it’s just pop and go.

But with Magnesium in particular – which I’m taking to help me get into a state of calm and relaxation – I want to create a bit of a ritual around it for a few reasons.

  1. Because in performing this ritual every night I’m signaling to my brain that it’s time to slow down and rest. Repeating the same routine before bed is proven to train our bodies to get into a sleep-ready state.
  2. And secondly, because the ritual itself – which involves me slowly sipping my yummy Mello Magnesium concoction while I’m winding down with my kids at night – feels so relaxing and soothing. I even make sure to drink it out of a beautiful cup – this is my kinda nightcap as a woman who wants to feel great during perimenopause and sleep like a baby.


I sometimes laugh at past bedtime routines our family has gone through that had me rushing through a bunch of steps, frantically trying to get to bed by a certain time, and then wondering why I end up laying there with my eyes wide open and my body rigid and tense…unable to sleep!

You don’t need to have a bedtime routine that takes hours, but even one small thing – like including a soothing magnesium ritual – can make a huge difference.

But let’s talk about why this particular magnesium works because you know I love the juicy science – Mello Magnesium contains magnesium glycinate, which is the most bioavailable form of magnesium and aids in inducing relaxation. It has a calming effect on the brain and body, making it the preferred magnesium for reducing anxiety and promoting healthy sleep. Check.

It also contains L-theanine which acts very similarly – so you’re getting a double whammy of relaxing minerals right before bed. Music to my ears.

With anything I’m going to ingest – especially when it comes to powdered supplements – I like to understand what the ‘non-medical’ ingredients are. What are the flavor enhancers? If there is sweetness, what is the source?

I was so pleased to see things like monk fruit – a sweetener that doesn’t spike my glycemic index – purple carrot powder and organic blueberry flavor on the ingredients list.


If you click this link to purchase, there is a discount code to save 15% OFF that’s automatically added to your order. Sleep and savings? My fave.

Because I’m a fan of geeky magic carpet rides – and I know you are too – there are two more steps I want you to take.

Listen to my ‘Sleep Your Way To The Top’ episode with the sleep doctor himself, Dr. Michael Breus.

Secondly, check out my ‘Unlocking The Science Of Sleep In Perimenopause’ solo episode where I go deep and provide actionable steps.

When you really understand why sleep is so important and how to get MORE of it, you’ll never go back to setting for restless nights and sluggish days.

As always, so grateful for you all – you’re the Bettys of my REM dreams.

Dr. Stephanie

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