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If you’ve been struggling to control your hormones, your weight and your mood – I’m with you.

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If you’re 40+ like I am and going through perimenopause or menopause then buckle up…

I’ve made it my life’s mission to help women make better decisions about their health so I am thrilled you are here. I have a ton of free resources to help you reclaim a sexy, strong version of YOU at any age!

Women Are Not Just Little Men with Pesky Hormones

I had to teach myself this first.

In 2017 at 38 years old my health hit rock bottom – I’m talking no sleep, constant anxiety, and a deep, lasting fatigue that only a mother can understand. Sadly, I’m not a special snowflake.

Everywhere I turned the health advice I got was geared towards men. I learned just how different we are the hard way – by trying to force myself into a ‘wellness’ box that as a woman got me zero results.

So? I set out to save my damn self. Today I’ve coached over 10,000 women through my female-centric Estima Diet, released a best-selling book called The Betty Body, and host a podcast called Better! that has 5 million downloads and counting.

But most importantly, I became my own heroine. My health, my happiness, and my ability to be a present mother and partner is in a place I couldn’t imagine all those years ago.

Do you want guidance and health protocols built for YOUR incredible body and hormonal make-up as a woman?

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Top Rated Podcast In Health & Fitness Better! With Dr. Stephanie

What are the simplest things we can do today, to get better tomorrow?

This is a podcast for driven women who want better bodies, a comprehensive understanding of hormones (especially during perimenopause and menopause!), and the know-how to develop a resilient mindset through all phases of your life.

My magic is taking complex science and chunking it into understandable action items that get you results.

  • 5million + downloads
  • 4.9 star rating

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Fat Accumulation & Female Metabolism Dr. Benjamin Bikman


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Calories, Protein, and Building Skeletal Muscle Layne Norton


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An Exploration of Flexible Dieting, Protein & Nutrition Alan Aragon


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The Ideal Diet & Nutrition for Menopause Dr. Anna Cabeca


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Menstrual Masterclass: Weeks 1 & 2 Of Your Cycle Dr. Stephanie Estima


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EP 292

The Art Of Balancing Your Blood Sugar as a Woman Kelly Leveque

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If you want to know how to live better, have more energy and make sure your best years are still ahead of you - you should be following Dr. Stephanie. Her ability to translate the science of well-being into actionable everyday items is tremendously effective. This coupled with her drive, motivation and attention to detail make her an obvious women’s health expert.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Clinical Psychologist and NYT bestselling author

I consider Dr. Stephanie an ally, peer, and important puzzle piece in our work to provide women with better solutions to overall wellbeing, vitality, and optimized health. A new generation of women are ready to live full, vibrant lives at every age — and Dr. Stephanie is leading the way with science-backed, actionable steps that open the doors of possibility!

Sara Gottfried MD

New York Times bestselling author of THE HORMONE CURE

Dr. Stephanie Estima is one of my favorite health experts to listen to and collaborate with; her balanced, science supported perspectives, high integrity and thoughtfulness exudes into everything she does…..her podcast, her book, and her support of women. From empowerment to inspiration and action.

Cynthia Thurlow

NP, Best selling Author, TEDx Speaker

Dr. Stephanie Estima is one of my favorite educators on women's health! She walks the talk, provides an amazing amount of resources, has a fantastic podcast, and has built a community to really help women wanting better health at all ages. She provides solutions that work because she has dedicated herself to understanding the wonderful complexity of our bodies - not ignoring them, and pushing a ‘one size fits all’ agenda.

Carrie Jones

NP, Best selling Author, TEDx Speaker

I love you, Dr. Stephanie!

“This is my go-to podcast, my mood booster, my health insight, my helpful tips, my lifestyle inspiration, my gym listen, my roadtrip muse, my favorite walking podcast… I could go on and on, but I love all of it and Dr. Stephanie has got such a good thing going with this podcast. I’m 24 and love it so it just goes to show that preventative health measures and hormonal expertise is very applicable to women in their 20s and not just women in perimenopause and menopause stages of life😁”


Thank you.

“I absolutely love this podcast, I refer it all women I know. Dr Stephanie talks about the things you don’t tell people are bothering you. She pulls a truth from you didn’t know existed and I have to say thank you for making me feeling less alone in a world where it’s a struggle to know our true self and when and where I am supposed to fight and care for me. I’m excited to keep learning and get Better while being one of Dr Stephanie's Bettys 😊”

Shayna of NY

Highly recommend!

“Can’t believe an incredibly valuable resource like this podcast is FREE! 🤩 No matter the subject, you’re guaranteed to gain something from Dr. Stephanie and her guests in each and every episode - can’t recommend this podcast enough!”


Captivating, Gracious and Thought Provoking

“I have been a fan for a year or two, I love that the science is presented in a relatable and creative manner. The topics and guests speak to me for both business and personal reasons, I am also a word nerd so appreciate that they are delivered artfully and poetically juxtaposed with the realism of science and fact. The tone is becoming more authentic, vulnerable , heartfelt which is both inspiring and magnetic! Keep Shining, taking up space, trail blazing and inspiring others to claim their light also. ✨🤩✨”

Tamara | Iconic Physique

Amazing info

“I’ve listened to this podcast for 2 years now and it’s amazing. I’ve learned so much about health, wellness and fasting for a 40 YO female. Excellent guests and Dr. Estima is wicked smart. I love her questions. She deep dives into the science, which as a college biology major, I can appreciate.”


Thank you Dr. Stephanie!

“I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough. It truly makes you “better” by listening! Dr. Stephanie provides a wealth of knowledge with guests who share the newest science. She also makes it accessible by summarizing and using fun metaphors so that non-scientists can understand. And she does so with such big heart and a beautiful voice that’s just so lovely to hear. I just love this podcast, thank you so much Dr. Stephanie!”


My Science Queen

“My friend sent me her newsletter a very long time ago and I looked forward to it every week, but a podcast….even better!!! I have indulged on every episode and now her book of course. I appreciate her deep dive in the latest science relating to all things women. I even stalk her on other people’s podcasts so I can learn even more! However, I do not recommend listening to her on a walk or in the car because you need a free hand to take notes. I bow to the queen of science 😘”


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This book teaches you how to harness the powers of intuitive eating, balanced hormones and transformative sex to become your very own version of a Betty!

A Betty is a woman who wants simplified, clear guidance on female-centric fitness and nutrition and is fiercely committed to creating her own self-worth and leading a life well-lived.

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